Girls defining the future they want and then building it. Developing skills, creating opportunity, and growing the next generation of women leaders who will imagine, discover, create, and innovate at the frontier of design and arts, engineering, science and technology for a better world.


Science, technology, computer science, engineering, innovation and creative industries are critical to society and becoming more intertwined and converging with multiple areas of life. They are experiencing major revolutions. Girls and women must be more active in these sectors – for their own opportunities and to the benefit of society. There is a need to fix the entire pipeline from girls picturing their future in science, technology and all their areas of applications, gaining the necessary skills, having opportunities for ongoing exploration and experience, and establishing pathways to studies, careers and leadership.


Futuristas offers a unique approach in creating real world opportunities, tackling the scale challenge and how to sustain girls’ interest and participation; and builds on existing initiatives.

Real World Applications and Industry Partnerships Plugging girls and young women into the myriad of actors who are already applying science, tech and innovation in their own industries. Creating opportunities for regular face-to-face or virtual engagement not just in skill and education arenas but also in applications in real world settings and across a diverse spectrum of areas.  

Continued and Connected Engagement from the creation of permanent spaces forlearning, developing, exploring and innovating through classes and workshops across disciplines; through "pop up" futuristas wheregirls and young women participate in external events, challenges, andinitiatives giving them exposure, and visibility, and letting others benefit from their talents and energy and networking; and on an online platform with resources, network building amongst futuristas, and as one outlet for reports, storytellers, and journalism by girls and young women.

Tailored Ecosystem addressing and linking: core skill development, experiential learning across disciplines; career tracks and mentoring; 21st century, leadership, futures and design thinking skills; showcasing and rewards; and advocacy.

Girl and Women Led Challenges, Projects and Enterprise: Self directed and girl led challenges, projects and entrepreneurial initiatives to be undertaken within futuristas hubs or across the futuristas network.

Leveraging Partnerships Futuristas will partner with organizations that have developed excellent content, curricula and initiatives around core skill development and mentoring; application partners and industry across disciplines; existing networks of girls and young women; and related advocacy organizations.

About Us and our Work

Co-founded by women working at the forefront of mobile and ICT, at the intersections of music and technology, and within academia and the United Nations system on ICT, STEAM and gender issues. They bring decades worth of experience around education, science and technology policy and application, and creative industry. All have run related programs for girls. Current work includes MusicTechFest, Microsoft International Women’s Hackathon, Architecture Engineering and Construction Hack, AR/VR for Education Hack, and other partners including NYU.

We are currently building our website. In the meantime, for more information on our activities, partnerships and services under development contact: contact@futuristas.org