We are a part of a movement to change the way STEAM is perceived, experienced and applied, especially by youth. We seek to:

  • Make STEAM more accessible, relevant and demystified.

  • Mainstream and connect STEAM to youth “where they are” through their individual interests and talents.

  • Build a lifelong interest and literacy in STEAM  and appreciation of its importance to personal choices, careers, citizenship and societal well being. 

  • Create a more just and inclusive STEAM ecosystem in order to create better societies.

OUR approach

We are a policy and experiential design organization that works with partners to 1) advocate and build partnerships for socially responsive STEAM, and 2) develop youth oriented STEAM learning models that can be built on, scaled in different environments and connected to many different topics. We have a strong focus on gender throughout our work. 

Activating & Exploring

Creating new points of entry for youth to engage with STEAM and apply them within real life  contexts that align to their passions and interests. Through this, youth also build an overall appreciation of science and technology and discover applications and avenues they may have otherwise not thought possible.

Learning & Engaging

Working with youth to excite their imaginations and nurture the skills necessary to re-frame, design and create the future through STEAM in whatever field they pursue. In contrast to “technological determinism”, youth are encouraged to think critically and deliberately around STEAM priorities, ethics,  change-making and distribution of benefits. 

Broadening the population of youth that will pursue ongoing and more advanced STEAM learning. Youth that have been newly inspired to engage around STEAM are connected with more targeted and advanced STEAM skill providers for ongoing and deeper learning and mentoring. 


Supporting youth to discover and confidently articulate, advocate and raise interest in critical STEAM issues within their desired fields  and society. Amplifying the voice of youth in setting the direction of STEAM.

Futuristas also works with policy makers and organizations to advocate for a broader STEAM ecosystem that is inclusive, just and responds to the needs of society.  Ensuring the engagement of under-represented groups, e.g. women, are integral to these efforts.