our projects and Partner engagements

STEAM and Youth Programming

FUTURISTAS works with a number of sectors and fields to integrate youth STEAM programming and engagement.

We are continuously building and testing our model and expanding the partners with whom we work. Examples of our partner engagements:  



Music and Digital Creatives :: Music Tech and Innovation for Social Impact with MusicTechFest:: Youth workshops and kids hacks with the ITU Youth Summit



Environment and Climate Change :: Biomimicry Youth Design Challenge Pilot Team for upper elementary age children. It won first place for the Middle School Division.


Education and Play :: Education app development challenge with the Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Mini (youth) Hackathon


Planning and the Built Environment :: Girls’ Minecraft hack within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Hackathon :: Transportation App development challenge with the Microsoft International Women’s Hackathon



Space Exploration and Applications :: Year long project based on Nasa’s Imagine Mars with Girl Scouts troop :: Development of Model Mars, a platform on Space, Society and Sustainability (in the works). 

STEAM Ecosystem

FUTURISTAS also works with organizations in providing advice on development of an inclusive and just STEAM ecosystem, particularly with a focus on women and girls. Examples include:

Gender, Science, Technology and Innovation & Future Forecasting :: An initiative with WIPO, UNESCO and UN Women to advance the use of future foresight tools to anticipate possible future scenarios around gender equality and STEM, and develop responsive policy frameworks to reach a preferred outcome.

Space for Women :: Space for Women (+Young Women) Expert Meeting and Programme Development   with the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs and UN Women. Presenter in the UNISPACE+50 Space for Women symposium. Co-organized 2018 World Space Week national panel series on gender equality (noted by WSW as a highlight event). Founding member of the Space for Women Bay Area Chapter and Space Applications for Women’s Empowerment Working Group.

Equals Coalition :: Member of the Equals Digital Skills Coalition which seeks to build the digital skills of girls and women around the world. Contributed to a 2019 report on Digital Skills and an accompanying think piece on gender and AI.

Global Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC) :: Co-organizer of the 2017 International Day of Science for Peace and Development Celebration with a Gender equality video marathon and expert panel. Co-organized consultation series of ASTC members on their gender equality work. Organized panel on gender equality for the 2018 annual ASTC Conference.

STEM, Youth and Gender:  UN Youth Development Network, Gender Working Group :: Strategy for creation of a Task Team linking STEAM, gender equality and youth.